Our Global Focus

Picture this – A family is expecting a child but doesn’t think they have the financial means to support their kid – what’s next?

The Resource Effect.

Lack of financial means is one of the biggest risk factors involved in family separation and is manifested in several ways. A family may think that their child will have access to more resources in an orphanage. A family may also rely on one source of income to provide for their children and losing that source can mean an inability to afford education, doctor’s visits, or even meals and water.

Hopeland supports efforts to prevent family separation and increase family reunification by supporting the world’s most vulnerable households.

Hopeland and our partners are developing a landmark intervention to evaluate the impact of community support and economic empowerment tools as a cost-effective solution to address the drivers of family separation, and improve the overall wellbeing of at-risk children and families, with a special focus on households living in poverty.

If successful our first of its kind project can disrupt a centuries old funding model that supports orphanages.

Rigorous Monitoring and Measuring Success.

There is an opportunity to test a new kind of support for vulnerable children – one that focuses on preventing parent-child separation through community support and economic empowerment.

This approach would first identify the families most at risk of separation and then test whether over time, our intervention can increase the chances that families not only stay together, but that family members’ wealth, education, and attitudes to family separation improve over time.

Hopeland works with independent monitoring organizations to ensure that the lessons learned can have a long-lasting impact.

If successful, our work could overhaul the way development aid and philanthropy supports vulnerable children and change a centuries old system that too often hurts, not helps children who don’t have the care they need to thrive.

Our global work is key to finding better ways to keep children in families and create a world where every child grows up in a safe, loving family.